10 Cities Open mic Tour


10 Cities Open mic Tour 2019

How do you travel around doing what you love (playing music) with limited money, a tiny but unfortunately non-omnipresent fan base and a bucket load of heart?

I can't answer questions like that but I can commit to an experiment that might help me find an answer. A year-long open mic tour of the UK.

See for the past year I have been rekindling an old dream of mine (to write and play songs as often as I can and to as many people as I can) I have found the easiest way of doing this without a fan-base stretching much further than my friends and family to be playing open mics and I’ve had a great time knocking around London's open mic scene and making friends with some super talented people.

now its time to take this idea on the road, to share the experience by making video diaries of the process and the progress.

So this year ill be releasing some video’s showcasing and reviewing open mics in 10 different cities, what they were like and what to expect.

join me.